A Note from the Maker

Leather. An all-American tradition.

David Seward Leathersmith | Seward Leather | Arkansas

I specialize in custom leather sheaths. One of my ancestors, a revolutionary war veteran by the name of Samuel Seward, was also a shoemaker by trade. My work with leather doesn’t go quite as far back as my 4th great grandfather’s; however, I began making knife sheaths about the same time my son Ben Seward started making knives. Custom knife sheaths are my passion. I have been privileged to do work for some of the finest knife makers of our time, and I would have to include my son Ben in that group:) My goal in sheath making is to create a product that coordinates well with the color and design of the knife. Although I am rooted in the timeless art and methods of custom sheath making, innovation in design and function are priority. 

– David Seward, Leathersmith

Around the Shop

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